Saturday, April 10, 2010

New Beginning

So, I am just finished an MBA and am ready to have a go at this blogging thing. Why am I doing it? What do I hope to achieve?

Well, I am doing it for me, I really enjoyed the intellectual challange of digging into a topic (from a Business Case in global strategy to a text box explanation of pricing options). I want to spend a little time (not as much as doing an MBA for example) every week or so digging into some topic to a) try to explain it to myself and b) see if some use can be found from the inquisition.

One of the other hobbies (for this can not be anything but) that I want to develop is in the area of financial investing. I have a very small pool of money that is not doing very much and I want to see if I can match the financial titans on Wall Street and produce spectacularily average returns just using the the public information that I can get my hands on and a little common sense (although, common sense is only common sense when it is common). I know the odds are completely stacked against me so doing any better than average but I love a challange and I fully expect not to see all of my money again if things go wrong.

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  1. Met a part time trucker in work the other day who claims that reading the book "the secret" has meant that he constantly turns a profit through positive thinking, he also consistantly wins 300 euro per week on the lotto at the bookies, and won't bet any more money as he doesn't want to be greedy...
    reminds me a little of this story..